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    Wet Chemical & Wastewater Tests

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    Treatment of wastewater and process water is necessary to protect public health and the environment, as well as to maintain industrial process efficiency. Regular analytical testing of wastewater effluents at various treatment steps is required by most regulatory bodies. The chemical content of process water used in boiler and cooler systems is also typically analyzed.


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    To protect the environment and communities, almost all governments require the treatment and testing of municipal wastewater from households and industrial wastewater from chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and other production facilities. There are four main treatment steps in the wastewater treatment process. The preliminary treatment removes all large and settleable solids from the wastewater. Secondary treatments use accelerated microbiological growth to remove organic pollutants.


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    Our lab undergoes proficiency testing and equipment calibration with third party entities. Our clients can have confidence knowing that we undergo extensive quality assurance measures to make sure our tests are always accurate. Our team knows how important quality testing is to your company and we are committed to our client’s success by delivering scientific information in an accessible and professional manner.

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