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    Minerals & Metals Testing

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    Why is it important?

    Poor quality minerals and metals can be costly and damaging, both for the industry and the environment. Our highly reactive network of experts and laboratories enable clients to verify product conformity and reduce risk. We can deliver independent inspection and testing services for the mineral, metal and fertilizer industries throughout the supply chain. 


    We have the state of the art equipment to bring the best services to you.


    We have experts on your side.


    We help you be transparent with your customers verified test results you need.


    We boast 10+ years of experience serving our customers.

    what we do

    Our services cover the entire spectrum of the supply chain, from mining, refining, logistics and trade. We help contribute to the quality of traded commodities by identifying risk in your supply chains and providing solutions through standardized and advanced quality control, inspection, and testing processes.

    Our commitment to you

    Our lab undergoes proficiency testing and equipment calibration with third party entities. Our clients can have confidence knowing that we undergo extensive quality assurance measures to make sure our tests are always accurate. Our team knows how important quality testing is to your company and we are committed to our client’s success by delivering scientific information in an accessible and professional manner.

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