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    Nutritional Labeling

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    Why is it important?

    Nutrition labeling is a requirement from the FDA on most beverages and packaged foods. These labels, also called the Nutrition Facts label, show the nutrient content of a food product to consumers and guide them in food selection.

    This labeling process has been around since 1913, but for a different purpose, which is consumer protection. The law at that time required food manufacturers to list their ingredients on every package.

    Our Testing Service And Packages

    Nutrition labeling is an essential component in running a business in the food industry. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires proper food labeling. However, compliance with regulations is not the only goal of nutrition labeling.

    With detailed nutrition information, your business builds trust among your consumers.

    The transparency you provide with these labels shows your company’s honesty. Besides, it also helps protect your business if a person allergic to one of your ingredients consumes your product.

    12 components that you need to include in every nutrition label


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    Our lab undergoes proficiency testing and equipment calibration with third party entities. Our clients can have confidence knowing that we undergo extensive quality assurance measures to make sure our tests are always accurate. Our team knows how important quality testing is to your company and we are committed to our client’s success by delivering scientific information in an accessible and professional manner.

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